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  service for secure, anonymous and unrestricted internet access on all devices.

  Hide your network activity

  Protect your passwords and data

  Create private channels between users

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  Give you unrestricted internet access

  It's totally up to you which sites you want to open. Simply choose a server in a country

  where the site you want is available.

  5 is the number of devices you

  can connect simultaneously

  47 available countries from which

  you can connect to the internet

  18 years of successfully

  protecting our users’ data

  Money back guarantee

  All purchases from us are protected by a 30-day money back guarantee.

  If you decide you don't like our product, we'll give you your money back.

  Our company is based in Belize and operates under English law.

  Since December 2006, we have managed to earn the trust of a huge number of clients. Since day 1, our priority has been the security and privacy of our customers and users of the company's services.

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