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  Why choose Bad Credit Loans

  1.Our service is 100% free

  There is no cost or obligation to use our service. To help keep our service free, we may show you offers for credit-related services like debt relief, credit repair and credit monitoring.

  2.Access our extended lender network

  If we can’t find you a lender in our own network of lenders, we will show your loan inquiry to our extended network of third-party non-lender lender networks to help find you a lender in one of their networks.

  We are not a lender and don’t endorse or control any of the lenders or other providers in our network or our extended network.

  3.Privacy, security, & 24/7 service

  We protect your information with advanced encryption technology.

  We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  4.Three easy steps, all online

  Complete our simple online form and see if you are connected with a lender.

  Compare your options and complete your loan process.

  Review other non-loan offers to see if any make sense for you.

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  We're here for you

  Every day, we help people looking to secure a loan, obtain information about debt relief, credit monitoring and other solutions to meet your needs.


  We protect your information with data encryption technology. Learn more in our Privacy Policy.

  Your time, your terms

  Complete the online form any time, day or night. and if you receive a loan offer, carefully review the offer presented to you before accepting.

  No fees or obligations.

  Today is the day

  We’ll help you access funds to pay off past-due bills, fix the car, or take care of whatever is holding you back.

  Other services

  If we are not able to find a loan offer for you, we may connect you with offers for debt relief, credit repair, or other credit-related products or services. You are under no obligation to accept the offers and you should carefully review them and compare them to other options available to you before accepting.

  Get Started

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