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  Make Life More Fun

  Robosen is an innovative technology company specializing in designing and producing advanced consumer robots. For nearly 15 years, we have been making AI-powered smart toys that move and play in remarkable ways. Our world-class research and development teams consist of top robotics and AI scientists, geeks, and product enthusiasts who bring our successful designs to life as robot products. Our mission is to show you what robots can do.

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  Robosen Products:

  Flagship Megatron

  Flagship Grimlock

  Flagship Optimus Prime

  Elite Optimus Prime

  Bumblebee G1 Performance

  Optimus Prime Rise of the Beasts

  Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Alpha

  AI Base

  Interstellar Scout K1 Series

  Our Products

  Robosen is committed to bringing fun and memorable cutting-edge robotics and AI experiences to everyone everywhere.

  Our Global Footprint

  Robosen is active in North America, Mainland China, Europe, Asia Pacific, and other countries and regions.

  Our Journey & Milestones

  Robosen has more than ten years of experience in the technology, research, and development of consumer robots.


  Robosen has been at the forefront of robotics development since 2008. Our R&D creates highly recognized products with continuous breakthroughs in motor, actuator control system, chips, algorithms, and engineering materials. Our robot actuation technologies are also at the leading edge of development for high-precision motors, advanced adaptive control algorithms, and structural deformation design.


  Robosen remains at the forefront of advanced AI algorithms, producing IP entertainment robots that can easily "understand" users through voice-activated experiences. Innovative technologies in computer graphics, computer vision, display drivers, and more create enhanced AI that understands users on a human level as they navigate the real world.

  Advanced speech recognition software with powerful AI engines and intelligent algorithms allows robots to recognize the human voice through self-developed Natural Language Processing (NLP).

  Our AI vision algorithms allow robots to use object detection and adaptive recognition to perceive the environment. Self-adaptive posture and human-like gait with automatic deformation and other motion functions offer fluid, anthropomorphic movement.




  Robosen brings your favorite TRANSFORMERS hero, Optimus Prime, to life with a fully immersive experience through voice-activated actions and mobile app controls.


  Expand your arsenal and defend against the Decepticons by completing the ultimate Optimus Prime experience ever to launch.

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